Dream Facilitation


Dream Facilitation is a personal one-o-one consultancy to bridge the gap between an individuals purpose and its associated business idea. My role as a Dream Facilitator is to act as a partner of the dreamer, giving support and encouragement for them to face their fears and overcome practical challenges.

The purpose of the Dream Facilitation is to empower people to live a fulfilling life. Therefore, it is a collaborative process in which I convey my professional background and personal experiences combined with coaching, mentorship and business consultancy tools, and the dreamer leads the process according to its needs and desires.

The process lasts six-months and consists of weekly meetings (live or online) in which different activities take place, such as: self-awareness exercises; researches; strategic planning; business plan; financial planning; communications strategy; solving operational issues; connection with professionals with complementary expertises; among others.

All the activities within the Dream Facilitation have the goal of following and guiding the dreamer through the process of expressing their life purpose, making possible for them to live and fulfill their dream.


Tools, Methodologies and Inspirations


Oasis Game

A community mobilization tool to materialize collective dreams


Theory U

Methodology for leading profound change and connecting to the higher aspects of our self


Design Thinking

Methodology that helps people understand and develop creative ways to solve specific issues


Business Model Canvas

Strategic planning tool for developing and visualizing business models


Golden Circle

Model for communicating the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do


Big Five For Life

Concept that reinforces the importance of living a life aligned with our purpose


How to find
Fulfilling Work

Book that proposes a practical approach to find fulfilling work


the dots

Steve Jobs speech that inspires to believe in our instinct to make a step forward


Life is easy.
Why do we make it so hard?

Jon Jandai inspires to see life in a lighter and less complicated way




Born and raised in Brazil, I have always been passionate about exploring the world and getting to know different cultures. Observing, listening and talking to people has always been an inspiration to me and taught me a lot, shaping my values and becoming part of who I am.

With a bachelor degree in Business Administration specialized in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability and an MBA at the European School of Management and Technology – Berlin, I have lead my career on the creative fields, having worked for Red Bull Brazil, Escola Sao Paulo and Image de Marque – Barcelona. In all those places I was able to combine both passions of mine: the strategic part of business with creativity and innovation.

Dreams are my passion. When I look back into my life and think about the moments I felt more happy and fulfilled, I noticed that they all have something in common: the fact of me being fully hands-on to implement personal or collective projects. It was from that awareness that I had the idea of offering my background in business management to encourage and support the implementation of other people’s dreams.

More happy and empowered people living a meaningful life. This is the impact I wanna leave in the world.




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