Dream Facilitation

Dream Facilitation is a movement that empowers dreamers just like you to discover, map, and implement projects that will fulfill your purpose. Founder Luiza Arcuschin believes that we all have the power to create a meaningful life. It’s her mission to empower you to take the driver’s seat and thrive on both a personal and professional level.

Through hands-on personal consulting, group workshop, and talks, Dream Facilitation offers you the knowledge, tools, and support you need in order to map out what you want to do, and turn your ideas into action.


In this hands-on collaborative process, Luiza combines her professional background and personal experiences to empower you to turn your purpose into action. Whether you need help finding the right direction in life; if you need a plan of action for your new (business) project; or if you want to take your business to the next level, Luiza will help you map out your goals, create a strategic plan, and provide you with tools and resources to make it all happen!



If you’re not sure whether you should sign up for consulting right now, or if you need a boost of inspiration, these group workshops are the perfect way to get started. They offer you the chance to explore your inner world, give shape to your ideas, and start prototyping your next project.



Luiza is a motivational speaker who can inspire your team or group to find more purpose in life – both on a personal and professional level. Besides speaking at organisations, events, and universities, Luiza also hosts free introductory meetups for people interested in learning more about purpose and connecting with like-minded individuals.


Tools, Methodologies and Inspirations


Oasis Game

A community mobilization tool to materialize collective dreams


Theory U

Methodology for leading profound change and connecting to the higher aspects of our self


Design Thinking

Methodology that helps people understand and develop creative ways to solve specific issues


Business Model Canvas

Strategic planning tool for developing and visualizing business models


Golden Circle

Model for communicating the purpose, cause, or belief that inspires you to do what you do


Big Five For Life

Concept that reinforces the importance of living a life aligned with our purpose


How to find
Fulfilling Work

Book that proposes a practical approach to find fulfilling work


the dots

Steve Jobs speech that inspires to believe in our instinct to make a step forward


Life is easy.
Why do we make it so hard?

Jon Jandai inspires to see life in a lighter and less complicated way

What if everyone lives a life driven by purpose?


“More empowered people living a meaningful life, that’s how I want to impact the world.”

Hi, I’m Luiza Arcuschin, the founder of Dream Facilitation. My mission is to empower individuals and organisations to uncover their hidden potential and realise their dreams, by sparking and accelerating transformation.

I’m a creative business strategist holding a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, specialized in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability, and an MBA in Management and Technology. Throughout my career, I have worked for companies like Red Bull and Escola São Paulo, combining my business background with my knack for creativity and innovation.

We live in a time where more and more people are trying to decide what they want to do with their lives. Some of them struggle with not knowing what they can or should do, and lack the courage to take that first important step forward. The process of figuring out your life’s purpose can be a complex, layered and very lonely one. So that’s where Dream Facilitation comes in.

Dreams are my passion. When I think of all the times when I felt most happy and fulfilled, I noticed how they all have one thing in common: I was implementing personal or collective projects that were supported and driven by… Purpose. It was that self-awareness that inspired me to start Dream Facilitation. With my unique consulting approach, I combine my expertise in creativity, strategy, finance, and innovation, to help dreamers bridge the gap between idea, strategy, and sustainable business.

My goal is to shed light on different aspects of people’s lives so that they can translate their purpose into a project or business, ultimately living a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life. I know in my heart that a better world is possible. It’s up to us to make a positive impact on the world and the people around us.




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